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Put Your Creative Capital to Work

January 9, 2012

Creative capital, like venture capital, can be valuable to any growing organization and often worthy of an equity stake in the outcome.

 I’ll ask that you, the busy reader, indulge a background setup about yours truly. Hopefully, if you continue reading future blogs, some of the following will assist you in understanding my point of view.

At my core, I am compelled to start fires and make useful stuff. I’m known as a consultant, inventor, advisor, creative, developer, entrepreneur, etc. But at my raw core, I’m simply a designer. Someone who creates tangible goods, wrapped in actionable images for commercial application, revenue generation, brand building and problem solving, usually working somewhere between crass consumerism and artistic expression, but almost always resulting in fun and profit.

I’m fortunate to live in the San Francisco Bay Area, where my team and I are fueled by a magical blend of entrepreneurial energy, lifestyle, technology and design. My design studio fortunately attracts insanely talented, prolific creators to collaborate with and brave clients that range from start-ups to some of the largest companies on earth, from Apple to Zune, Adidas to Nike, Alienware to Xbox, Boxee to Ooma, and so on.

However, in my drive to magnify and capitalize the value of design over the years, I find myself often exploring ways to provide our “creative capital” to clients, partnerships, collaborations and a range of application scenarios.

Creative capital, like venture capital, can be valuable to any growing organization and often worthy of an equity stake in the outcome. Forms of creative capital might be things like design services, innovative ideas or intellectual property, communication tools, marketing ideas, etc. And from my experience, this creative capital is often vested prior to venture capital, often helping attract venture capital by bringing products and business models to life early in the start-up lifecycle.

Typically businesses look at design as tactical, creative services, often reluctantly acquired and applied to make things “look” great and communicate a certain message or function. But in short, I believe the discipline and skills of Design, with a capital D, should be a core, leading component to virtually every business acting as a driving force for change, process, vision, leverage and optimization along the other key disciplines of Marketing, Finance, Operations, Manufacturing, etc.

Leading businesses have embraced and empowered design to be strategic catalysts in developing and differentiating their brands and business models. Therefore for me, Design, strategically applied, is really valuable creative capital, provided to fuel business success. And because of these beliefs it’s safe to say that I am a Creative Capitalist.


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